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Nachos:€ 12(vegetarian)

Mini nachos7 €

Fried corn chips with bean, cheese gratin and pico de gallo with jalapeño.

* with chilli +€ 4



Quesadillas are served in awheattortilla*

They can be ordered withgluten-free corn tortillas.

Cheese € 6.50(Gluten)

Chori cheese€ 7.50(Gluten)

Cheesemushroom € 7.20.(Gluten)

Chicken€ 7.70(Gluten)

Veal€ 7.70(Gluten)

Synchronized:(dairy, and gluten)€ 7.00

Twowheattortillas,ham, cheese (1unit)

Chicken synchronized:(dairy, and gluten)€ 7.50

Twowheattortillaswith chicken and cheese

PatatasLocas!€ 8.00

Potatoes with various chilli sauce, the house recipe.

Chicken flutes:€ 7.50(dairy)

Crispy corn tortilla with chicken, lettuce, cream and red sauce (2 unit / plate)


characteristic dish of northern Mexico,

consists of a roll of flour tortilla,

fried, stuffed with meat and some vegetables.

Chicken7,50 €

Vegan7 €

Nopales salad:€ 14.00

(vegetarian or vegan)(dairy)

Tender cactus on a bed of tomatoes and pico de gallo with jalapeños and fresh cheese

½Nopales salad€ 8.00(dairy)

Refried Beans:€ 6.00


With gratin cheese and tortilla chips.

Processed cheese:€ 8.70(dairy)

Cheese, mushroom and chorizo gratin accompanied by a wheat tortilla


(vegan)€ 11.50

Like the grandmother does with tortilla chips and pico de gallo.

With or without coriander, order it to your liking.

Chiliwithcarne€ 10.00

Beans seasoned with different meats,

vegetables and seasonings

perfect to accompany different dishes

With or without spicy.


(they are not soups)

Vegetarian Sope:€ 4.20 unit.Vegetarian(dairy)

Fried cornmeal with black beans, lettuce, sour cream Alebrije cheese and onion (2 units)

Chorizo Sope:€ 4.50 unit(dairy)

Fried cornmeal, black beans, chorizo, lettuce, sour cream, cheese and onion.(2pc)

Chicken Sope:€ 4.50 unit(dairy)

Fried cornmeal, black beans, chicken, lettuce, sour cream, cheese, onion (2 units)

Huarache:(dairy).€ 10.80 each

Corn base with beans cheese, avocado, onion, coriander,

house stew, and sauces to taste

(The house stew is the stew that is being cooked at that time in order to guarantee the greatest freshness of the product)

Tatemada shawls€ 4.50 each


Corn base, made by hand passed through the comal,

lightly toasted, with homemade roasted tatemada sauce, with cheese and onion.

Gordita Stuffed with Meat€ 4.70 unit(dairy)

Corn tortilla kneaded by hand and, as its name suggests, made of gordita dough,

which is fried and filled with different ingredients.

To share

The casseroles come with6tortillas

so you can mount the tacos as you like the most

Pastor Casserole:€ 14.50

Lean pork with a touch of pineapple and onion.

Cochinita Pibil Casserole:€ 16.50

Baked pork with adobo typical in southern Mexico,

accompanied by red onion.

Chicken casserole with pumpkin flower:€ 15.50(dairy)

Chicken with sour cream mushroom and pumpkin flower

Chicken fajitas€ 14.50(dairy)

Grilled chicken breast in strips with peppers and house sauces

Beef tinga:€ 15.00

Shredded beef with a spicy touch.

Barbecue:€ 20

Rib and leg of lamb simmered steamed

, with guajillo chili, aromatic herbs.Served with onion and coriander.

CasseroleVegan or Vegetarian:13,50 €

Mix of grilled vegetables with cuitlacoche, pumpkin flower, mushrooms and onion.

Mushroom casserole al pastor:€14.50vegan

Campechanacasserole € 15.50(dairy)

Steak, chorizo and cheese

Vegan Shepherd'sCasserole € 15.50

Pulled pork€ 16.60(mustard, nuts)


* Mole enchiladas.€ 16.50:

(nuts, peanuts, gluten)

Tortillas with chicken, mole sauce, accompanied by a slightly spicy garnish.

* Swiss Enchilada:(dairy)€ 16.50

Tortillas with chicken, green tomatillo sauce, mushrooms and pumpkin flower with chicken and gratin cheese.

* Long-term dishes

 The days with a large capacity of the premises may take up to 40 min.

 check with the staff for availability

Beef Birria:€ 17.50

Beef stewed in its own juice with a touch of the back oven and put back together with its juice on a plate where the consommé marries with its own meat in tacos bathed in juice and meat with its spicy touch its vegetables its lime and cilantro a explosion of flavor and textures on the palate

Hake Veracruz style:€ 13.50

hake in homemade sauce from the typical family of the Veracruz area

very tasty and accompanied by rice

On request

Costillar alchipotle€ 19.50

In barbecue / chipotle sauce

with Crazy Potatoes

Guajillo soup:€ 9.00(vegan)

Guajillo chili soup with tomato and noodles

without gluten

delicious with a hint of lemon


2 equal units in corn tortilla

• Cochinita pibil € 7.00

Pastor € 6.50

Almond chorizo € 6.00

• Beef tinga € 6.50

• Barbecue € 9.50

• Fresh chicken € 6.00

• Steak and cheese 6.00 €

• Campechano € 7.00

I don't want to think * € 15.00

• Pulled pork € 7.50

• Portobel.lovegan€ 7.00

.TingaCarrotTaco € 6.20

VeganPastor.€ 6.50

• VegetableSeason 6,00 €

• VegetableShepherd Mushrooms € 6.50

VeganChorizo.€ 7.00

Pozole Friday:€ 14.50 *

Every Friday we have traditional red pozole.

Rations limited to estimated demand.

* During the summer season due to its low demand

and being a hot dish of long preparation

we will do it solely for

previous order.24 hours

minimum advance

Feel free to ask.

Chiles en Nogada€ 18.50

Seasonal dish

September to November

Out of season

previous order.24 hours

minimum advance

Desserts: € 5

Homemade desserts

(according to availability)