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a n t e r a n t s

N a c h o s

 13.50 _ _    

 ( vegetarian )

Mini N a c h o s

8.20 _ _

Fried corn chips with gratin cheese beans and pico de gallo with jalapeño.

* with chilli + € 6 

G u a c a m o l e

( vegan)   12.50 _ _

Just like grandma does with tortilla chips and pico de gallo.

With or without coriander, ask for it to your liking.

Q u e s a d i l l a s

(dairy )  

( 2 identical units )

Quesadillas are served in a wheat tortilla *

They can be ordered with gluten-free corn tortillas .

Cheese €6.80 (Gluten)

Chori cheese . €8.00 (Gluten-free)

Mushroom cheese 7,70 € (Gluten)

Chicken €9.00 (Gluten-free)

Veal          €9.00 (Gluten-free)

Synchronized :

 (dairy, and gluten)    8.00 _ _

 Two wheat tortillas, ham, cheese as a handkerchief.

P a t a t a s l o c a s ! 

 8.50 _ _

Potatoes with various chili sauce house recipe .

Fl a u t a s de c o ll o :

 8.50 _ _ (dairy products)

Corn tortilla crisps

with chicken, lettuce, cream and red sauce (2 units/plate)

C h i m i c h a n g

characteristic dish of northern Mexico,

It consists of a flour tortilla roll, fried, stuffed with meat and some vegetables.

 Chicken 8.00 _ _

Vegan 7.50 _ _

N o p a l e s salad 

16.50 _ _

 (vegetarian or vegan) (dairy)

Tender cactus on a bed of tomatoes and pico de gallo with jalapeños and cheese

½ N o p a l e s salad


(vegetarian or vegan) (dairy products)

Refried Beans :

  7.00 _ _ 

(vegetarian) (dairy)

With gratin cheese and tortilla chips.

Melted cheese :

 9.70 _ _ (dairy products)

Cheese, mushroom and chorizo gratin accompanied by a wheat tortilla

Chili with meat 

12.60 _ _

Beans seasoned with different meats,

vegetables and condiments

perfect to accompany different dishes

With or without spice.

l o s  S o p e s

(they are not soups)

Vegetarian sope:

 5.00 unit . _ Vegetarian (dairy)

Fried cornmeal with black beans, lettuce, Alebrije sour cream, cheese and onion


Sausage  sope: 

5.50 _ _ unit ( dairy)

 Fried cornmeal, black beans, chorizo lettuce, sour cream, cheese and onion.


Chicken sope:

6.50 _ _ unit (dairy)

Fried cornmeal, black beans, chicken, lettuce, sour cream, cheese, onion

C h a l u p i t a s by T a t e m a d a  

5 , 50 unit

vegetarian (dairy )

Corn base, handmade passed through the comal,

with a light toast, with homemade roasted tatemada sauce, with cheese and onion.

Chubby Meat _

  7.50 unit _ _ (dairy )

Corn tortilla kneaded by hand and, as its name suggests, of chubby dough,

which is fried and filled with different ingredients.

Banana Chubby _ _ Male

 8 , 90 €und

Macho plantain and chickpea gordita with beetroot and cauliflower vinaigrette in chili puya sauce Vegan or vegetarian

To share

The cazuelitas come with 6 tortillas

for you to mount the tacos yourself

Ideal for 4 people



16.50 _ _

Lean pork with a touch of pineapple, onion and cilantro.


Cochinita pibil 

16.50 _ _

Baked pork meat with typical marinade in southern Mexico,

accompanied by purple vegetables.


 Pumpkin flower chicken 

18.80 ( dairy ) _

Chicken with sour cream mushroom and pumpkin flower

chicken fajitas  

17.50 _ _    ( dairy)

Grilled chicken breast strips with peppers and house sauces

veal tinga

17.00 _ _

Shredded beef with a spicy touch.

B a r b a c o a

20.50 _ _

Rib and leg of lamb slow-cooked steamed

, with guajillo chili, aromatic herbs. Served with onion and coriander.


 vegan or vegetarian

 15.50 _ _

Mix of grilled vegetables with cuitlacoche, pumpkin flower, mushrooms and onion.


mushrooms al pastor

 15.50 _ _  vegan



17.50 _ _

(dairy products) 

Steak meat, chorizo and cheese


 vegan pastor

 15.50 _ _

pulled pork   

16.60 _ _  

( mustard, nuts )    

S p e c i a l i t i t

* Mole Enchiladas

17.50 _ _

(nuts, peanuts, gluten, dairy )

Tortillas with chicken, mole sauce, accompanied by a slightly spicy garnish.

* Swiss Enchilada 

17.50 ( dairy )

Tortillas with chicken, green tomatillo sauce,

mushrooms and pumpkin flower with chicken and gratin cheese.

* Long-form dishes

on days with a large capacity of the premises it can take up to 40 minutes

check with the staff their availability

Birria De Res

18.50 _ _ 

Ideal for 2 people

Beef stewed in its own juices with a touch of subsequent oven

and return to join with its juice

on a plate where the consommé marries with its own meat

in tacos bathed in juice and meat with its spicy touch

your vegetables your lime and cilantro

an explosion of flavor and textures on the palate

C o s t i l l a r de p h a n c h i t o

al c h i p o t l e

22.50 _ _

In barbecue/chipotle sauce Patatas Locas and tortillas                             

 guajillo soup



 Guajillo chili soup with tomato and noodles

without gluten

delicious with a touch of lemon

T a c o s 

2 equal units in corn tortilla

Cochinita pibil   7.00 _ _

Shepherd               7.00 _ _  

Sausage almond 6.00 _ _ 

Veal Tinga 7.50 _

BBQ  9.50 _ _

Fresh chicken 7.00 _ _

steak and cheese 7 , 00  

Campeche 7 , 00  

I don't want to think 16.00 _ _

pulled pork       7.50 _ _

Port or bel . it  vegan . 7.00 _ _

Vegan Pastor .         6.50 _ _

Season Vegetable 6 , 50 _

Vegetable Pastor Mushrooms 6 , 50

Vegan Chorizo .           7.00 _ _

v i e r n e s de P o z o l e     

  14.50 * _

Every Friday we have traditional red pozole.

Rations limited to estimated demand.


8.50 _ _

C h i l e s in No g a d a 

22.50 _ _

seasonal dish

From September to November

Out of season

prior order. 24/48 hours

Desserts :

Panna cotta

Cheese flan

Yogurt with cookie syrup and sesame 

Curd with honey

Homemade desserts

(according to availability)